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Two phased project improvements center around the addition of a new 33,000 SF building to complement the existing 36,000 SF structure. The new building was constructed over the existing west parking lot, approximately 10 ft. from the existing building creating a landscaped outside corridor.

With census running high, Sonora Behavioral needed to expand; unfortunately, the facility appeared to be landlocked. ALPA Construction and their design team needed to plan a tight civil package
as well as a solution for parking while allowing the existing facility to remain operational.

ALPA designed and built a civil package that compacted all utilities
and stormwater piping into a 10’ utility corridor in their existing parking lot. A large storm retention area was built with a new parking lot to account for the additional spaces the new building
footprint would sit on. The public road in front of the facility would need to be raised 10 feet to accommodate the new structure.

The large construction process made keeping a busy facility operational
challenging. ALPA coordinated with neighboring facilities
to allow Sonora staff to utilize neighboring parking lots during construction.
Nightwork was performed constantly to keep entrances open for emergency vehicle traffic. The beautiful and functional addition was open for patients ten months after breaking ground.



Tucson, AZ


33,000 SF

Facility Type


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