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New construction of a 64-bed RTC at 26,793 SF including an underground detention system on the existing campus. Project was completed two months earlier than projected schedule.

The Oasis project is a brand new RTC facility located on the existing Oasis campus set to house 64 patients, as well as a renovation of their existing kitchen. This new facility was to be constructed while
maintaining access to the existing facility without disrupting their daily activities. The city of Chandler took an extensive amount of time to review the construction drawings and issue the building
permit and ALPA was tasked to complete this new construction by the end of the year per the original schedule.

ALPA implemented LEAN Construction practices such as two-week look ahead schedules and milestone pull planning sessions that
included the subcontractors in order to completed the project on schedule to meet the client’s needs.

The permit delay forced the construction schedule to be reduced by four months to ensure the 64 beds were online by the end of 2015.
Through extensive pre-planning, overtime and lean construction principles the project was complete and opened in December 2015
per the adjusted schedule.



Chandler, AZ


26,793 SF

Facility Type


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