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The Belmont Outpatient building is part of a large campus expansion at the existing Facility. The Center was to be built on an existing parking lot and construction to take place while the existing facility remained active.

In order to accommodate the parking requirements ALPA coordinated with the City of Philadelphia to utilize street parking for the subcontractors in order to maintain optimum parking for the employees of the Belmont facility. ALPA also demoed an unused building and was able to turned this space into a temporary park-ing lot for the duration of the campus expansion. ALPA set up all construction entrances in the rear of the building in order to maintain access to the existing facilities front entrance, as well as the ambulance entrance.

The work was completed with consistent communication with on-site staff which led to an extremely happy facility throughout construction. Through the extensive pre-planning, overtime and lean construction principles the Belmont Outpatient Building opened October 2017 ahead of schedule and without disrupting the existing facility activities.



Philadelphia, PA


31,410 SF

Facility Type


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