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Belmont 252 is phase five of a larger phased project that expands and replaces the existing Belmont Behavioral Health Hospital. The new 210,000 SF hospital is in final stages of completion.

This replacement hospital is in phase five of a seven that replaces and expands the existing hospital. The initial phases included a three-story building to house the outpatient program which was completed in October 2017. This allowed for two existing buildings to be demolished in preparation for the replacement hospital which is in final stages of completion.

The replacement hospital is a 252-bed facility that is six stories and 210,000 SF. Once completed, the existing four-story hospital will be demolished for storm detention and parking. The logistics of the new construction with an operating hospital on the same campus made this project one of the most challenging projects ALPA has faced.



Philadelphia, PA


210,000 SF

Facility Type


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